Wednesday, 14 November 2012

From Frantic to Serene

The crows were strutting the mudflats
then all of a sudden
they flew over us to the skeleton trees.
What a cacophony they made!
For a second I thought it might be me
but they see me every day.
I knew there must be a reason for such a brouhaha.
Have you ever seen crows pestering an eagle in the skies?
An eagle was surely around.

and there he was much lower in the trees.

Meanwhile this little family paddled serenely on the basin.


  1. My husband is always amazed that I am alert to what is going on in the bird community. Hawks and cats shatter the serenity here...or sometimes its just a cardinal clicking to let me know the feeder is empty.

  2. Hi Penny, fascinating - I nearly did a similar post a couple of days ago - we have a host of crows who roost very close to us, along with the jackdaws. A great kerfuffle of them were racing around the other morning along with the local seagulls - couldn't work out what was going on, though I suspect it may have been a sparrowhawk. All very exciting!
    Still loving your daily scratchings - they are so expressive

  3. Don't they say you don't need a watchdog if you have crows nearby? They're very alert, and they kick off at anything they don't like the look of...

  4. Oh, yes! I always wonder why the little birds feel so brave to go after the larger ones! We have oodles of crows. They often have big meetings...caw-cawing at the back of the property. And the hawk cries out in the morning, talking just to me, I think :)


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