Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Rhythm of Life

Getting back into the rhythm of early morning walks
Sunrise through the fog
With mighty rocks floating on a watery mirror
A beautiful welcome home

After paddling in the lake
Rusty pups relaxed
And I took some deep breaths
in gratitude

I'm up to date with daily scratchings
You'll be getting two week's worth on Monday
A mighty long post

Thoughts of next year's scratchings
are already filling my mind.
how to approach 2013
My, how time flies

I feel this year has not been a very productive year stitching wise
Need longer days
but I can no longer stitch until midnight!
So many ideas
not enough time!

Go smaller?
Go larger?
Work more efficiently?
Resign from all the groups I belong to?
Time is too short to make pieces for themed shows
Hate themes imposed on me!
Funny that....others thrive on themes.

Mulling over so many things again
Must be that time of year
preparing for a brand new January.

 Never did get back to this piece this year
Oh, well

 Have a nice day


  1. As we age, time becomes more dear. We remember the quanities we completed before in any given time. We re -adjust our priorities, set our goals and continue on. Fall is always my time of the year to begin that task. As the weather cools and the holidays loom, I spend more time inside so I actually gain time.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your next stitching post!
    xx, Carol

  2. This does seem to be the time of the year when we start to take stock - thinking back over what we've done and looking forward to what we want to do. I'm with Carol - I get a lot more done during the fall and winter - its that cozy up time of year when I'm very content to just stay inside and play with cloth and thread.

  3. I have always felt my new year begins once September rolls around and yes, the same thoughts start rolling around in my head, too.
    Not easy decisions to contemplate.
    Our workload speeds up this time of year and we have all kinds of new creative ideas swimming around in our heads ... we're so anxious to get started ... but what to do first and where will we find the time ?
    Certainly time and effort are factors as the years pass and one has to assess one's workload and challenges.
    I see the writing on the wall and wish you luck with the decisions you make but, ultimately they are your decisions to make.

  4. That first image is stunning, Penny, wow! Before I moved to the forest I made ocean paintings about fog and horizons and the blurring of sea and sky with mists and fog. They were pretty abstract, you can imagine. The first image minus some of the details on the right is just like one of them. Got me wanting to paint oceans in oils again, but probably won't. I reached a completion point with them just before moving as the subject was so minimilist.

    Yes, time... hmmmmm... it does seem to expand and contract all at once! Happy scratchings.

  5. You're beginning your New Year re-orientation in a remarkably timely fashion! It seems to me you need to lettle the ideas and concerns you've expressed swirl around for a while and allow your own instincts to crystallise into a new form.

  6. I am entralled by the piece you show that "you never got back to." it is so beautiful. I hope you complete it, if there is more, and show us the results.

  7. I am stuck on the middle picture...RP's~mirror like water~reflecting rocks~misty fog blending the edges...

    but...the last picture...where was I when the idea to print out a picture of a fabric and draw your ideas on it before ever stitching?? I know I have seen others with this idea too, but my mind must have made my eyes go googly and pass over that part...until now! wonder if I will ever do anything like this??

  8. I think those of us that have had kids tend to think of the new year really beginning in September. As for finding more hours in the day to create - if you figure it out, will you share?

  9. The new year - seems a scary thought to me. How quickly the time flies indeed. But wise of you to be contemplating your creative plans. Best wishes, sus


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