Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Not Something I would Want to Wear!

Bit of a disaster....
The T-shirt dye experiment I mean
It looks better in the photo than in actuality.
The true colour is more like army fatigues.
Oh, well.
Perhaps I'll try and take all the colour out!

Early morning moon

The colours of Fall can be amazing

I know more geese!
But just wanted to record these shapes
because I caught them at a different angle!
No more geese....I promise

I'd rather honking geese
than whirring helicopters.
Shouldn't be allowed
during migration season!


  1. You just post all the geese you want. I see them walking around our area retention ponds, but who doesn't stop to watch a flock of geese winging across the sky?
    xx, Carol

  2. the geese can keep on flying here, we don't have them so they're a lovely curiosity to see.

  3. The sight of flying geese is so peaceful, please do not stop posting them.

  4. Love to see the Autumn colours as well as the migrating geese.

    Could the T-shirt be livened up with stitch or fabric paint?

  5. Love seeing the geese. I see very few here. I love how they are in different wing elevations, in almost a pattern!

  6. No appologies needed for more geese... obsessions are good visual inspiration... I've been enjoying seeing them through your eyes, more, more!

  7. Sounds like we all love the geese too! We are enjoying the first sprigs of blossom here, although we have had some very strong winds, I am surprised that the blossom has not been blown away. (Melbourne, Australia)

  8. Did you grab those lovely rusty orange leaves up for the dying pot?

  9. Geese forming ancient runes on the sky...

  10. We see the geese every day here, but that's not to say I don't appreciate seeing yours!


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