Friday 29 June 2012

The Centre of a Peony's World

In my life I have learnt
never to turn down the opportunity
to repeat experiences
And so we walked visitors through the Historic Gardens
This time around I noticed was
the showy peonies
and the centres of their little worlds

I don't 'do' flowers

not a flowery person

but my goodness me

surely there is something to stitch here!


  1. Definitely there is something interesting to stitch there. The tiny details and structures may be inspiring when the larger view of the flower itself is not..

  2. Just the centers alone make me think of tiny stitches -- in glorious colors.

    1. What surprised me was the variety in those centres.... so many possibilities.

  3. These are beautiful! I had to chuckle at "I don't do flowers"...especially since I was out there again photographing the neighbors sunflowers that I am obsessed with! Ha! I'll post them soon :)

    1. Oh, but sunflowers are fascinating aren't they!

  4. I definitely see clumps of wonderful Brazilian knots!

  5. oh!, it worked this time.
    what i'd said in the one that didn't, was
    that to me peonies are Queens, Goddesses
    of flowers. they are a strong part of my
    past, that is becoming farther and farther, thank you for this


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