Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Stars Need Vacations Too

When a heart-filled star needs a vacation
he heads for the seashore
tiptoes through the surf,
wriggling his toes in the sand.

A tiny star in training.

I'm going through quite a starry phase am I not!

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  1. Well yes you are! and thanks for the chuckle this morning. Will you do an Evening Star too?

  2. yes you are. i so love the way you describe things.

  3. Lots of beautiful starry stitching, the texture of this piece looks wonderful, so tactile, I really want to reach into the monitor and have a good ole touchy feel, stunning work.

  4. I love your stars, Penny!
    I could just picture them at the beach!
    I just noticed on your side bar three of my favorite books! Kantha is on my list of books that has not made it into my home! Love "Power of Now" and "A new Earth"
    I am going to have to look into other books. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Just wonderful. Your stars are the best!!!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the surf!!!
    the tiny star toes in it...i love
    the surf. it IS surf, more than
    if you had spent forever trying to
    expansively create surf with thread thread and more thread.
    these are so great...i see them as
    a young persons book on stitching.
    it's a thought well worth thinking.

  7. Maybe how starfish are born? When I had biology in college we were told they should be more properly called sea stars...

  8. tiptoe through the surf...came back to look again today...this
    pic just makes me feel CRAZY with
    stars, star toes, tiptoeing...
    it is just DELIGHT~FULL

    are you thinking about the book?

  9. I love how you give a personality to your stars. They are great!


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