Monday, 30 May 2011

Anyone for Stitching!

These critters once adorned the blouse
of a Guatamala Signorina.
The blouse was made from a square of handwoven cloth
completely covered in embroidery....

and you can see it is a thin, thin, embroidery thread.

Wish I could delve into creating my own version
but right now I have to meet a deadline for the holey water piece.

This embroidery belongs to Diane
who has sailed the seven seas
and collected treasures like this.

The little brown chap looks like my beaver.
Don't think they have beaver down there though.
A yellow cat for Jude!
Sorry I didn't capture more of him.


  1. awesome, feast for the eye,
    inspiring, way out of my
    league stitching.
    each will get close up time!
    Listen, I tried one of those
    watery stitch holes and flopped.
    nothing like the beauties you
    created over and over again . . .
    you are awesome, too. really

  2. I love the rabbit and the bird, especially the bird. This is such a treasure - thank you for sharing it. When you see something like this don't you want to know the life story of the person who sat and made these meticulous stitches? I do.

  3. Is it not more than a mystery how things such as this escape from the original owner?
    I would never part with this.
    Thank you so for sharing.
    I am so enjoying your series of holes. Simply put. . .inspired.

  4. beautiful stitchery. so many hours of work. a treasure for sure.

  5. holes are done on a very high thread count Egyptian cotton. Try reinforcing your cloth with a firm cotton or backing.

  6. Penny..Certainly do! Especially when the person is from somewhere exotic like Guatamala.

    Filamental...Me too!

    Deanna....Makes our clothing seem boring doesn't it.


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