Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Piece From My Own Past

 One of my first wall hangings made many moons ago.
It has a story...don't they all!
New to quilting, I decided to accept the challenge of trying to get it accepted into our
 national quilt show.
As I stitched away on this tree of life, a very down to earth and grounded thing....
I learnt that the theme for Quilt Canada was going to be
"Heavenly Bodies".  
My solution was to stitch beads and stars all over the border..
and call the piece
"Crewel World in a Beaded Galaxy".
It worked and the piece was accepted.
Not only that, but it won the award for Workmanship in Appliqué!

It was of course based on an old crewel embroidery tree of life design.
There is more to the story.....

As I frantically worked to meet the show deadline,
the red cotton above bled into the cream background!
I tried everything to no avail....
then fearfully handed it over to Handy Hubby
asking him to try anything but to make my background cream again.
I dread to think what chemicals he tried!
but still nothing worked.
I finally took it back, soaked it in lemon juice,
laid it out on the grass on a sunny day.
By worked!

Looking at this handsome tree with a beautiful view
reminded me that
we interpret what we see but can never do it justice.


  1. What a beautiful quilt. You must be so proud....firstly to be accepted with your first quilt and then to win that award.
    Love this quilt and your story...

    Jacky xox

  2. I am in awe!! This was your FIRST attempt?!! Its absolutely marvelous. What a wonderful thread story you've created. I guess we should never underestimate the lowly lemon!

  3. J - Every quilt has a story don't you think.
    P - Red dyes have improved over the years. A lemon probably wouldn't be necessary now!

  4. whew, i was holding my breath for that one. Congrats, it certainly is a beautiful piece, and to have done it so long ago, amazing.

  5. Goodness, your first one! It looks like a masterclass in expert applique. And such a lovely story.

  6. Penny, what a wonderful story! I am not surprised though with the award you got.. Your work is magical!

  7. Quite a wonderful piece! And I'm sort of partial to owls and trees so its doubly spectacular!

  8. This piece is even better in person. I know, because I've seen it. Penny, was it in a YH show?

  9. Lovely work - and great to know that you got the colour stain out after all!

  10. It's an incredible work. I can't believe it was one or your earlier quilts!
    Nice story. I always like to know the story behind a quilt...


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