Monday, 5 November 2018

The Night-time Work of Wind and Beavers

The winds howled and buffeted us for two days and nights.
This morning we woke to this outside our bedroom window....

....and this outside my studio window.

What has always amazed me over my years of living in the woods
how silently a tree snaps and falls.
You'd think it would be a loud dramatic event
but, unless we witness a break as it happens,
we are often oblivious until we discover it after the event.

 We were lucky this time.
Rather close to my studio.

The Beavers down on the marshlands also work the night shift.

The acreage they've flooded over the past few years is amazing.
They have a huge lodge that the Rusty Pups visited with glee
every time we walked by.

Over the years at least another four dams have appeared
strategically placed to increase the Beavers' domain.
Brilliant little engineers they are
though I can see that a human engineer has placed some kind of drainage
system presumably to stop the whole area becoming part of the Annapolis Basin again!

Meanwhile my design wall has layer upon layer of new beginnings.
I'm a messy worker!

I keep all the pieces I want to get started on pinned up there.
When a 'what if' moment occurs about one of them
I bring it to the front and work out solutions. 

I am liking the big swoosh of a mark
but not so much the circle shape on the bottom left.

Have a great day.
Guy Fawkes Day.
An important day in history for us Brits.


  1. I'm glad that tree missed your studio - much too close for comfort!

  2. i know your words about the fall of,
    i recently witnessed this, but a tree simply uprooting a long dead self, just letting go of the Earth and
    gently falling, almost 6 feet in diameter, at the base but somehow, falling so softly. I am so glad
    you say these words here about trees
    and your design wall....
    feeds my heart and feeds the Making part in me that
    is numbed every day now
    Thank you, Penny

  3. You are so lucky the tree didn't fall in your it's worth it to live in such a beautiful area!

  4. I've come back a couple times today to look more at your wall and again, thank you. Love

  5. That was a close shave Penny. Beavers are such industrious creatures, how lovely to have them near by. xx

  6. I thank the Lord above you were not injured and your home spared! Blessings.

  7. That must have been some wind to do all that damage! Very lucky that your home wasn't affected adversely. Nothing much we can do about Mother Nature.


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