Monday 22 October 2018

Getting Back in the Swing of Stitching and Walking

feels good to be back in the studio
adding layers of stitch
creating tactile textures.

Sometimes one spends a morning adding a darker colour
to outline an area
and right from the start you don't like it
but you leave it for a while.
Then the moment comes when you simply have to get rid of it
and introduce something different.

Much better!

Then it is all a matter of adding some stitches
standing back and observing.
Each new stitch changes the whole dynamic of a piece.

Sometimes a new shapes and a new colour
ask to be included.

Sometimes you need to repeat that shape.

Sometimes perhaps a shape should run off the edge.

Standing back and observing one half
Adjusting the colour just a bit to bring out
all the subtle markings in the black walnut dyed fabric
just because it might help with where to go next.

Standing back to see the other half
and wondering if introducing a small piece of rusched silk velvet somewhere
might add an interesting texture against the linen background.

It is all part of the flow.

The threads used so far.
I try for slight colour variations
thick and thin
matt and shiny.

Never anything shocking!
My choices are always muted and calm!
That's just me.

It has been quite a season for mushrooms
This one is about the size of a dinner plate!

I expect Valerie is having a whale of a time hunting for edibles!

And still more are popping up all over the place.


  1. Such beautiful colours for your stitching, Penny. Loving how this is evolving.

  2. It's always good to watch someone felling their way through a new piece, listening to what it wants, trying new things..

  3. Good to hear from you again, Penny. I too appreciate your calm demeanour -- in your palette and your quiet posts...inspiration and assurance in one go!

  4. Penny, you are drawing with thread. Thread IS the subject here xo

  5. That stitching is just yummy. I've been yearning to play with needle and thread lately, but haven't been able to decide where I want to start or where I want it to end. However, there's something about the stitches you've shared that feel almost meditate. And, it make my fingers itch to get started. Your work is inspiring and magical!

  6. Gorgeous stitched texture Penny. Mushroom season here too. xx

  7. This piece is so inspiring. And 'Each new stitch changes the whole dynamic of a piece' so true.

  8. being a 'seedy' stitch admirer myself, i really like the 'remake'. that palette is just divine. i really like the pop of green you have added this time.

    that mushroom! i am currently working on a small wallie that includes the colors in that, polar opposite of yours.

  9. I find it hard to get out of my own way and let myself listen to what a piece is telling me it wants me to do. Can't tell you how often I have carried on willy nilly, only to get something almost (I thought) done and tear out elements that I knew all along shouldn't have been there.
    Enjoyed seeing the influence of circles in your work again - and that mushroom that looks like someone took a huge bite out of!

  10. Having watched quietly as this piece began at Crieff, and seeing the advancement of your beautiful, contemplative stitches, I am touched by the sacred peace that is working its way into this beautiful art.
    You inspire, guide and deliver encouragement to each of us, Penny. Blessings.
    I love the earth focused colours that are always present in your stitch works...they tie and bind us to our reality and the importance of the presence of humans on this earth!

  11. Muted and calm is often my go to place. Occasionally, I jump out of that shell and go very color-filled.


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