Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How Things Change

This piece which is not yet titled
is what I have been working on for the month of March.
Not quite finished
ran out of thread.
It is silk on an old blanket
You can see the raw edge of the blanket along the bottom edge.
Really like that.

This is what this piece looked like at the beginning of March.
It wasn't working for me.

Stitching the larger rock
I was thinking of the moss covered boulders
we find in our woods in these parts.
But as I stitched and stitched I was also reminded
of the beautiful tattoos of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

There are a few lines of shibori on the top piece of silk
They were left clear of stitch
Pathways across a stone.

I 'm tempted to leave the rows of smaller pebbles plain
no decoration at all.
At the moment I like the contrast
we shall see.

As I photographed I noticed this pile of yummy natural dyes
lying in a pile below the design wall
waiting their turn to be covered with stitch.

Aah the texture!


  1. I never cease to be amazed at how the simplest stitches make fingers reach out to touch them ... so much for the eye to love, too

  2. Just beautiful!!!!!Such beautiful stitching!

  3. The small pebbles will soon tell you whether they want to be embellished or not!

  4. Beautiful, love the stitching

  5. The beauty of your stich and your artist's focus on changing what is not working into a design that gives you peace and joy is always what brings me back to your blog Penny... the inspiration, the lessons learned and the joy in following along on your journey - a blessing.

  6. Loving all that stitching, especially the ones like tattoos.

  7. Seeing the last photo made me think how much someone who is blind would enjoy your work - the texture would be key.

  8. Beautiful shape of the large rock and I really like the thickness of the edging on the large rock. Please can you give us an idea of the size of this piece?


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