Monday, 2 November 2015

Time Scratches On

 Moving on into November
after full moons
and extraordinary high tides.

Not much to say about this
Leaf shapes woven into starry night skies
plus a leaf
machine stitched onto water soluble
from way back when.
I've changed since then. 

A sampler done oh so many years ago
sometimes feels like yesterday.
My least favourite stitch
but perhaps I should give chain stitch another chance.

The wind came up and blew high tide
right over the pier and board walk in Annapolis Royal.

Orange for Halloween of course
and a birthday celebration for the Rusty Pups.

I have always liked this little collection of
feather stitches, laisy Daisies, French knots and pinwheels.

More machine work done on water soluble.

I'm having so much fun going through boxes finding
these old samples.
It is good to look back.
We are devising a plan on how to hang
my scratchings in my small studio.
This cloth holds so many ideas for new work
that I need to have it close at hand
so that I am not reinventing the wheel
every time I start something new.

As I include these oldies in my scratchings
I am also mulling over ideas on how to record
my days in stitch next year.
This version of daily scratchings has been going on for four years now
and will be about 200 feet long by the end of the year.
It is time to change
but I am still fascinated by the idea of growing a large piece
by adding to it just a bit every day
usually as we sit and relax after dinner.


  1. There are some really lovely chain stitch variations, although the plain stitch is a little dull...

  2. I love the idea of having your stitchings surrounding your walls -- or even made up into a quilt top display. While I used to put 'older' work away in boxes -- now I try to keep everything around me. I have dolls tucked away in various parts of the house and of course my studio, such as it is, displays everything.

  3. I agree that it would be good to have access to these experiments in stitch that you have discovered over the last 4 years. Putting them up would entirely cover the walls of your studio - I wonder how that would be? After a while would you stop seeing them? Or perhaps you would see some that needed to be separated from the others...
    I like that you have those portable design walls that can be placed in front of whatever is on the wall. You can put two or three of those portable walls together when you want to work large...very smart.

    As for the scratchings, if it were me, I would put them into some kind of large book format so that I could open them up more easily to the stitch I wanted. Maybe have 8 books - one for each 6 months of the larger journal, and just pin the journals to heavy 22 x 30 watercolour paper (both sides) and bind the watercolour papers together so that you can turn the 'pages'.
    But Penny - don't do this until after you show the scratchings as they are at least two or three more times. They need to be seen in the big wide world first. xoxo

  4. Always a joy to stop by here & see what you're up to, Penny. I feel like I'm taking a walk down memory lane with today's post - some of these oldies feel *familliar* ... so very fun to see.

  5. Beautiful collection of colors and stitches.

  6. Lovely work - chain stitch is so versatile and there are loads of variations, you must like some of them! xx

  7. Ooh, I wonder what you will decide to do next!

  8. Maybe there should be a 'Scratchings II' ?


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