Saturday, 7 November 2015

Autumn on the Basin

There are layers of colours between us and the North Mountain

Look the other way and the dairy herd is grazing on the flatlands

Rusts and reds bring life to bleached grasses

Turn another corner on our path
and the colours are softly waning.

I have a friend who likes dots
I like them too
especially when made by Mother Nature.

There are so many berries and rosehips this year
winter food for the deer and the birds

Turning back home
a yellow streak of silver birch
shows up against the mountain.


  1. Oh the textures!!! I love the grasses and the berries. Perfect for your stitchings.

  2. Thanks for sharing, nothing is better than the display of color and texture in the changing seasons.

  3. ah. so beautiful, so like and yet unlike here.

  4. there is a violet-ness to the haze formed by all the color there.

  5. Gorgeous. And it looks so still...

  6. You live in an area of such beauty. I hope all those berries don't mean another awful winter in your area.


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