Monday 23 November 2015

Quiet Scratching

The house is very, very quiet now that we are alone again

Quietly choosing cloth and stitch

I remember being fascinated years ago
with pulled thread work

More variety could be achieved than I expected
but still very modular

I have always liked treetops against a skyline
and now Mark is now painting tree tops
though they haven't made their way onto his web page yet!

Play with feather stitch....
You can see when I did this years ago
I was still trying to keep the stitch very orderly!

Herringbone stitch too.

How many moons do we have?


  1. Can on ever have enough moons???

  2. That feather stitch looks lovely. I had a thing about pulled work, too, but I never managed to make anything sensible of them!

  3. Feather stitch is versatile, your work is inspiring, beautiful.

  4. After family leaves the silence is very loud isn't it. A good time to sit and stitch and try not to miss them.

  5. Love all your pieces but the last (moon piece) is my favorite! Nicely done!!

  6. lovely to see all these close up


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