Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Gosh it was Cold!

We went down-town Annapolis Royal
Gosh it was cold and windy
Winter is coming

Ashley could not understand why she couldn't just
walk right into that cold, cold water!

A scallop boat was being repaired
and as usual I was drawn to things like
stained wood

and rusted metals.

Mmm.....Murky markings

Ashley is interested in everything

She loved the feeling of swinging through the air
and Grandpa loved helping her achieve that feeling

Dad explored the rest of the playground

and Mom enjoyed the swings too.
But boy, oh boy, my fingers and toes were frozen!


  1. A wonderful day out for you all, to be sure!

  2. I was shivering just looking at this. Those days are ahead of us, in the not too distant future. Brrrr! I especially love the picture of the bucket - perfect 'used' colors.

  3. Just the thought of that cold makes me want to crawl into bed and not surface til spring!

  4. Brrrr.. Really it's going to be cold soon. I wouldn't call this day wonderful. Though Ashley enjoyed that.
    Ann's last place -

  5. this has such a feeling of what is a family about it. lovely. i swear i felt the cold!


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