Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Scratched Travels

Busy week.

Soo cold and windy outside so we lit our first fire of the season.
Then I snuggled in front of the fire and played with crochet.

On Wednesday a group of friends came and spent the day discharging.

On Halloween, Handy Hubby had to get a tow out of soggy ground!
And the Rusty pups turned six.
Then I drove up the province through wind and rain and past many a tamarack tree
for a SAQA weekend.

Seventeen of us spent the weekend learning more about each other
and looking backwards at what brought us to where we are
and where we plan to take our work and friendship in the future.


  1. have you kept these scrolls rolled or have you opened them all up yet to view your year…i'm thinking they are an amazing group.

  2. Busy indeed - love the idea of curling up by the fire ...

  3. Ah, the fire sounded good to me also. But even better was your group of friends -- ideas buzzing, lots of smiles and laughter... Life is good!

  4. What a week! I anxiously await the homecoming of my Sailor who builds the fires here. Happy belated b day to the RPs!

  5. Happy, albeit belated, birthday to the RP's! Please give them extra-special lovin's from me.


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