Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sibling Oaks

We have two young oak trees
that have been catching the afternoon sun lately.

Quite different in colour.
....There is nothing like a tree....


  1. Many years ago our son brought home some gathered acorns and threw them into a garden bed. When one sprouted & grew, my Father showed our son how to transplant that tiny tree to a new spot in our yard, that was when our son was aged eight and now he is 25 years old.

    1. How wonderful to have that tree growing alongside your son. Don't move!

  2. Trees are so vital to our survival both physical and emotional.

  3. The oaks are REALLY coming into their own here now, rich burgundy, deep mahogany, - absolutely stunning!

  4. We came home from the desert to lots of leaf change. Beautiful colors. Its raining this morning with some wind so they won't be with us long. Good to be able to view them even for a short time.


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