Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Week in Review

Scratching Winter's Arrival

So busy stitching somewhere else not much time for scratching.

That is supposed to be a printing press because
Wednesday was spent at our new print studio
learning about how to use that press.

Flocks of robins have arrived from Newfoundland.
They love all of our bright red berries.

At the end of the week we celebrated Handy Hubby's birthday
as it snowed and rested on the ground for just a few hours.


  1. A busy week, indeed. So good to end it with a celebration!
    And I do like your printing press - it makes perfect sense...

  2. Love your scratchings - especially the robin :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Richard! I'm enjoying your 'scratchings' and wondering were the robins go next?

    1. Yes, I wonder how far South they go. If they spend the summers n Newfoundland they obviously don't need it to be too hot.

  4. Sweet robin with berry.... first dusting of snow here this morning. I WAS hoping to get the yard all raked, waiting for the sun to melt it all away!

  5. Lovely stitchings, especially the robin. About all we're left with here are a couple of woodpeckers, lots of crows and always the wild turkeys.

  6. So lovely to rediscover your blog. Your stitching is beautiful! And your photographs are also very evocative.

  7. 68?

    o mai

    doesn't show

    the birds come to the netherlands
    other birds going away
    you think they are the same

    love to you there....rusties ok?
    one of my blachones
    but part of life.......

  8. I love your embroidery, especially the robin (wonder why...)!


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