Monday, 26 November 2012

Scratching into Winter

The first snow came on Sunday

Winter arrived 

with brittle frosty mornings
so I played with warmer threads for a couple of days

frosted grasses
followed by a day of strange stitchings.
Haven't a clue why I stitched what I did!

Saturday was a fun day visiting the first craft show of the season
and coming home with a Christmassy wreath.
Sunday tried to snow and sleet all day long.


  1. Good to see the warmer colours of fabric and thread as the weather turns. No snow here, just lots of rain...

  2. similar weather here, and in bar harbor (from where i get frequent weather reports). i love your response to the great white cold coming.

  3. I love the colors with the snow.........such a lovely contrast.

  4. Those warm colors must feel very good beneath your finger tips as the snow blows outside.

  5. I love your scratchings Penny. It's a daily journal in stitches - what a great way to record life!

  6. Love seeing the full scratching scroll... someday, I'd love to see it rolled out on the snow in FULL!

  7. You are truly amazing, Penny! You have been so dedicated . Will you continue in the New Year? I HOPE we get to see the whole thing(s) some time??? Carry on being splendidly spectacular :-)

  8. I love your burst of a nice warm fire while outside is all cold and icy.
    Those white scratchings looks like snowflakes all jumbled together.
    Jacky xox


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