Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Same But Oh So Different

We walked up the mountain to the quarry 
and were shocked to see signs of autumn.
Way too soon.

Today I had my camera poised as we entered the quarry
but all there was to photograph was the old rusty piece
of equipment.
I had hoped to snap the hawks we seem to disturb
whenever the camera isn't ready!

In the absence of birds I snapped the Rusty Pups.
Can you see a difference?
People who know them can't tell one from the other.

But they are quite different physically and in personality
I suppose you have to be a pack member to know!


  1. In those photos, one Rusty Pup looks slightly more dishevelled than the other, but I'm not sure I'd care to rely on that to tell them apart!

    1. Rachel....that is indeed one way to tell them apart!

  2. We have some red oaks starting to change color -- too soon, too soon!

    1. It seems to me that it is maples changing first up here.

  3. Yes
    Too soon the autumn
    Handsome rep's!

    1. And before you know it...Christmas will be upon us!

  4. ===================][=[ ( this is Pasha's comment!)

    They are rather twinsy!

  5. How funny about the pups. We had twins..Dino and Fuzz. No one could tell them apart, yet they were so different to Terry and I it was easy.

    We traveled into Michigan this past week and was pretty darned surprised that many trees were starting to change already, yet it remains hot and humid here.

    Sorry you missed the hawks. I always am elated when I spot them.
    xx, Carol

  6. I suppose you have to live with them to recognize the subtle differences.
    Still gorgeous weather here too but the nights are much cooler.
    Elation is a good word when we are privileged enough to see a wee part of their lives. Their alarm calls echoing around the quarry always touch my soul too.

  7. I see a different belly shape, but maybe that is the camera angle. Not much fall here...still 100 degrees, but the nights cool off a bit more. The hawks call to me too :)

  8. I can't see any real difference in the rusty pups, but I do see a lot of love! As for the trees - they're starting to turn here too. I'm not a happy camper about it either.


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