Monday, 24 September 2012

Remembering Morning Walks on Manitoulin

Sunrise on Manitoulin

Do you remember swinging on a rope?

We wished each other a very good morning
and went our separate ways

Snails of every colour reminded me of the sixties

Shelter for wee things that live and fly in the woods.
Morning walks
just one of the many joys of our Manitoulin gathering.
...Afraid I'll be late with my scratchings this week...


  1. Those snails are positively psychedelic!

  2. So lovely, the snails are especially inspiring.

  3. Oh, I dearly love those snail colors!

  4. Yup... snails take th cake! (well, the little spotted friend, too!)

  5. I never saw snails like that! Ours are all grey. Another wonderfully serene post.


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