Monday, 17 September 2012

It's Monday Again!

The week started off with a visit from an eagle
Obviously a sign of a brilliant week ahead.

Then on Tuesday we drove to Margi's
and I stitched a doll with some of her thread.
Then on Wednesday we flew to Toronto and on to Sudbury
where Judy met us
(and you know she loves hands)
and we finally relaxed with a glass of wine.
On Thursday we had the privilege of spending the day
working on Judy's circle project.

Red spiral for Judy
Blue and yellow for Margi
Rusty brown for me
....and oh, the creative energy was flowing...
as we were observed by seagulls!

On Saturday we found fields full of Sandhill Cranes
Quite amazing

 For Sunday I stole some threads
from Judy, Janet and Margi.
Janet knitted 
and the rest of us stitched.
A treasure of a visit.
Lots more to say about it
but right now I'm on the Chi-cheemaun ferry
on my way to visit my boys,


  1. Penny what a special time....

    I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been to visit with Judy and to spend time on the Mantoulin Project!!!

    Your daily stitchery is so wonderful, the memories in each little stitched entry.

    Jacky xox

  2. It's always fascinating to see how you choose to represent the events of your life in stitches.

  3. Ahh friends!! Such treasures to be captured in time and stitches.

  4. oh, you added stitches to the circle! oh, good, YOU!

  5. Such fun to 'read' your diary in stitches!

  6. I found you Penny and have explored your blog with great delight. You definitely have a follower here.

  7. How much would I love to work and stitch with some of the creative ladies that I found in blogland. It would feel my soul with joy. A dream.

  8. Ah the mantoulin project, I am so green with envy, Judy is such an inspiration. I am ever fascinated by your stitch diary, just lovely x


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