Monday, 16 July 2012

Time Scratched

The week flew by

Monday was a great start to the week for the RP's
A beautiful red fox made himself available
for a wonderful chase along the dike
Oh, such fun!
If you're a dog I suppose

Then as you know
the Internet went poof for a few days
of course Thursday was art class

The rest of the week....
.....Too hot to be exciting!

And Congratulations to Judy!


  1. I think that nobody could ever expect to be able to equal the skill, imagination and humour that you put in your scratchings.
    In my case I could only embroider a very pale imitation...

    1. Oh, no, no, no....Yours will be just as great and reflect you!

  2. I love your stitched journals, such a lovely way to record memories, and even more lovely to share in the future - Imagine inheriting something so beautiful in many years time, I think I would squeal like a piigy at dinner time if I had such a memoir from my own ancestors!

  3. Too hot here too. Do you get the humidity? It's the worst. A blast of heat just as you open the front door. Thank you for sharing your daily stitch journal with us.
    Ha! I just noticed "The Story of Writing" in your page turner list. I too have that book. Loaned it to my son who learned to read and write Egyptian hieroglyphs in university. Should ask for it back...

    1. No humidity here thank goodness and we can always go down to the shore where it is about ten degrees cooler. Oh, yes, Dolores, get the book back...lots of mark making ideas in it.

  4. Love the fox-tail and pup-tails, awesome!

    We're getting the hot this week... I plan to lay very low tomorrow when its 93 and humid. Or, maybe the breezes will come up and it won't be that bad.

    1. Not as hot as that here...and no humidity thank goodness. Stay cool.

  5. Everything from the local wildlife to the ultra-modern Problem With The Internet - what a week!

  6. OH, Penny - I love those tails!!! Happy week to you, sus

  7. Rusty pups and fox tails - what fun!

  8. Crappy weather. Seeing a fox where I live would have been excitement to last the entire week! I've only seen one once before it slipped back into the cornfield.
    xx, Carol

  9. I so love these markings of yours. An ongoing, ever-growing scroll of days. Beautiful.


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