Monday, 9 July 2012

Scratching Anew

Starting anew in July
In this country that means Canada Day
Then on Monday I just started stitching
and it ended up as an ode to dandelions!
Tuesday was a Loose Threads meeting

I still enjoy those days
where nothing strikes me
and just a row of stitching will do.
Thursday still means art class

It rained just a bit on Saturday
My raindrops look
more like hieroglyphs
than water.
Sunday the last day of Wimbledon.
I stitched one white ball in memory
of days gone by when we green ones didn't exist!

Starting anew is strange
not much cloth to hold onto
as I scratch new days.


  1. The tennis ball color gave me pause for a second. I hadn't thought about that. The other day at work I mentioned that we needed a dust mop for our new building. The young ones did not know what a dust mop is, but they know Swiffer. It's become a throw a way world.

    Stay cool.
    xx, Carol

  2. It's become a throwaway world and we're becoming the 'elders' who can tell tales of the strange things of the past!

  3. It will be easier for a while, with less fabric to hold!

    1. But it flies around so easily in the breeze!

  4. Love your stitching and pulling together of your natural dyed fabrics. I love the look of mine but have no idea how to begin to stitch it ! But I am inspired by yours !

    1. Oh, I know what you mean Sharron! Nothing wrong with cutting out bits and pieces and attaching those to calmer places! Your beautiful machine embroidery will bring them to life!

  5. How fun to see you start a new journey! I love your stitch interpretation.

  6. Happy New Scratchings Year to you, Penny - the cup of flowers is charming! -sus

    1. You noticed! I turned my paint brushes into a floral arrangement!

  7. i'm new to your scratchings and struck by such a wonderful way to journal/mark the passing days... am looking forward to keeping up with your work!

  8. The new batch of scratchings are off to a great start! It will be fun to watch-along as it grows :)


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