Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Meditation Interrupted

Walking with the sunrise
is a rhythmic meditation
breathing in and breathing out
allowing the mind to wander
and alight on whatever it fancies
and that's often stitching related

Walking rhythmically behind
two rusty bushy tails
that have their own rhythm
waving along behind rusty noses 
that are sniffing and assimilating the critter gossip of the day

and then one critter dared to cross the path
right under those rusty noses
Lucky for her an oak tree was available
She climbed as high as she could
then played like a statue
Perhaps she thought she had fooled us into thinking she was a branch.


  1. What a fantastic view, what a beautiful light. I would feel meditative as well.

  2. I couldn't help but think how lucky the RPs are.
    xx, carol

  3. She looks like a branch - or perhaps the brow of a ship passing by! What a beautiful walk you and the RP's have!

  4. Hi, Penny. Lovely photos. The critter almost looks like a branch...Loved the stitching in your previous post.
    best, nadia

  5. I love racoons. And I wish I was someone who could get up and walk with the sunrise! Guess I would need dogs for that.... though I'm not sure even THAT would work!

  6. There's a distinct smirk on that critter's face - obviously pleased with the escape!

  7. Below her ear I see an eye...the left one on 1/2 a face!

  8. Wish I could come on that walk with you and the RP's! You have such beautiful surroundings so you can't help but be inspired.


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