Friday, 13 July 2012

Connectivity Woes

No internet connection for days
Our lives changed for three whole days
Didn't quite come to a halt
but nearly!
Glad to be back

Shoreline rust
But just look at those blues

Quarry rust alongside soft grey blues 

and a lovely sandy sediment

I keep forgetting rust eats into things

Even weavings rust

And what kind of bird would want to bring up it's young
Hidden beneath noisy and rusty quarry equipment?

The new quarry equipment is creamy white
How long till the rust appears?

But let's end up with some lovely salt air rust!

Have a great day


  1. I'm pining for the sea.... I can smell the rusty metal and hear the waves. (or I think I can... if rusty metal has a smell!)

  2. Rust is a lovely rich colour, isn' it! And so glad you've managed to get back online!

  3. It's horrible to be marooned without the internet! Looks like you didn't waste your time pining for it tho' and got some great pictures.


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