Friday, 8 June 2012

Walking the Mountain

We followed deer prints up the mountain
in the early morning light

Four legged RP's always beat me to the top
Sometimes they run back
and nuzzle my hand
in an attempt to hurry me along

On the way up we pass a huge pile of tree trunks
which the RP's find very interesting
I think a porcupine takes refuge in that pile
Let's hope it keeps a low profile as we pass by

Then I spied a full moon rising in amongst all that bark


  1. Your pictures are great -- hope you're enjoying your new camera.

  2. that second photo looks like your background blog photo--lovely :)

  3. Following deer cool. I remember when we walked our brother pups...long gone now. They would run up a block then Terry would call to them to come see Mommy and back they would come. I miss that. But there are houses now where we used to sad.
    Happy Weekend.
    xx, Carol

  4. Your full moon made me smile! Thanks, Penny. -sus

  5. You find the oddest patterns, don't you!


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