Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sun Arise She Come Every Mornin'

And what a morning walk it was
Gratitude filled my heart with every step
Across the mouth of the Allains River lies Fort Anne
where the Scots landed in 1629
and subsequently fought over by the Brits and French for years.
Should do a more detailed blog about it one day.

Across the Annapolis Basin
Granville Ferry lies beneath a thin strip of morning fog.

Further down the basin is our neighbour's red barn
and beautiful whispy clouds

Just beyond the barn I spied my neighbours out in their kayak
I know you can't see the tiny slither that is them way beyond Mr. Heron
but they are there enjoying this glorious sunrise too

The water was a mirror
 And now I'm turning around back to the car
as the early sun is
'Bringin' back the warmth to the ground'
(As soon as the pups and I arrived for our walk
that Rolf Harris song of my childhood!)


  1. There is beauty everywhere and you certainly have a knack for catching it on film...sorry would that be digital? or card...Film sounds better, doesn't it..almost poetic like your pics.
    xx, Carol

    1. Ha! Film flows off the tongue/finger tips more gracefully doesn't it.

  2. What beautiful photos, you really captured the spirit of the place...

  3. What lovely pictures Penny. You live in a really beautiful place and your photos do it true justice.

    1. Angie, I always smile when I see your photo sitting there next to your messages.

  4. What a glorious morning. Everyone should get up and walk early of a morning - at least once in awhile!

    1. My favourite time of day with the freshness in the air and the sun just appearing over the horizon.

  5. Wow...beautiful. Thanks for the tour :)

  6. Gratitude is everything....
    How beauteous it 'tis on your side of the world.

  7. A magic place, I can feel the silence, the soft 'swish' of water, a bird's scream...Your pictures make me feel grateful too.

  8. The red barn is a particularly fine photo!

  9. The Nova Scotia tourism 'board' should use your photos! They're beautiful, especially the first one.


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