Monday, 18 June 2012

Scratched Memory

Another scratched week
when one thing led to another

For Monday stitching the North Mountain seemed like the right thing to do
adding that thin string of morning fog
That made me think
of sun rays working their way through those early morning low clouds

Then the plumber's scrim I used for Tuesday's fog
made me think 
of needle weaving.
A paintbrush for Thursday
because I'm taking a course on acrylic painting. 

Then three days of easy stitches 'cos we have visitors
Not much time to stitch
Not much time to think!

But still time to wonder what to do with some
beautiful random dyed cheesecloth.


  1. Oh boy -- yummy colors on the cheesecloth! A feast for the eyes soon to be a feast for the hands!

  2. The fog of scrim resonates, Penny. I love the thursday paint bush... xxoo, sus

  3. I'm sure the ideas for the cheesecloth will soon come to you!

  4. Lovely to stop by here this morning and see your *scratchings*, Penny. Have had visitors here got done, including thinking! But I'd be stopped dead in my tracks if I had that bit of cheesecloth before me.... ;>}

  5. the random dyed cheesecloth, i would wrap self
    with, i would press my face into it, it would
    L O V E

  6. That cheesecloth is beautiful...I just love the colour, the weave. Makes you want to pick it up and feel it.
    Your scratchings are wonderful. I love the blue needle weaving.
    Looking forward to seeing some painting from your acrylic class.

    Jacky xox

  7. I would put plenty of stitches on that cheescloth, I am sure that you will too, sooner or later.

  8. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I do love the term 'scratchings'! Your cheesecloth has lots of possibilities - the colours are scrumptious.


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