Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Demise of a Camera

My trusty little camera
accompanied me everywhere these last few years
but alas
as you can surely see
my rusty pups are suddenly out of focus

They should be clear and sharp like this

or this.
No way to fix it
I loved that little camera
It served me well


  1. That's sad. My big camnera died on me a couple of years ago. It got 'creative' with focussing. I miss it, but I have to make do with a smaller, cheaper version these days.

  2. Great pics of the pups, they are so beautiful.
    The worst thing about getting a new camera is learning how to use it.

  3. oooh mi, I'm so glad with the clear puppy pictures

    every camera has it's time

  4. Oh I hate it when a trusty tool fails me -- cameras can be such personal items since they record what our eyes and spirit see.

  5. Maybe a small embroidered shroud and a fitting ceremony....

    ...before committing the poor thing to the garbage :-)

  6. Oh dear - one gets so used to a tool like that, and getting accustomed to a new one is always a challenge!

  7. ARRRRgh, Penny - hope you find an even better trusty camera quick! I had my old friend Cannon die a couple years ago and found a little red replacement that I rely on like another set of eyes. (The RP's are looking very appealing)! xxoo, sus

  8. Hi Penny, we are just back from Britain and i have been reAding your May posts. They are wonderful as usual and I am SOO far behind! Sorry to hear about your camera. If it is any help, I have a new one , just bought before we left for 01 May. It is a Canon S100 and it is superb. Give it a look anyway, unless you have already bought something.

  9. Who couldn't fall in love with those beautiful brown eyes?!! Hope you manage to find a really good replacement camera so you can take more pictures of the rusty pups.


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