Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where trees and rocks occupy the same space
a moss covered rock might aspire to being 
as tall as the lichen covered trees around him.

A craggy rock wall deep in the woods must be man-made.
In these parts walls like this mark boundaries
made by settlers many moons ago and sometimes
not so many moons ago...I have one and it's not ancient...
not even as old as me I think.
However, this particular rock structure in the woods would
have been built by the Mi'kmaq Indians perhaps as 
a boundary, a shelter, a place of ceremony.

Sometimes trees also like to arrange rocks by pinning them in place
with mighty roots.

And as roots criss cross across rocks and boulders, 
they create nice little nooks and shelters
for critters.
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  1. Wonderful mosses and lichens and tangled roots!

  2. I love the roots and the patterns they create.


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