Monday, 9 May 2011

Weaving Novice - Can you see the jpegs now?

Needle weaving star points has been fun.
So perhaps I should learn more about weaving.
Handy Hubby made me a lovely loom for small weavings.

An army of nails, standing to attention, keeps everything in order.
Cotton strips become the ocean blue.
Woolly bits and onion bags become garbage drifting with the tides.

Scrunching cotton tightly together creates ripples.
Sometimes seas are calm and so a few strips remain flat.  

A stitcher simply can't resist adding a few stitches!
Think my first weaving is called Flotsom.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll do a Jetsom!


  1. All your photos are showing with red x's on my monitor. What did you do??

  2. yep same here, they're all X rated.

  3. Only empty squares with a red X here... (which is a pity, as I´ve been hoping for fresh inspiration for my half-forgotten little loom...;)

  4. I'm looking for photos, too!

  5. yay, i can see the army of little pin soldiers and all the others too. It looks as tho you really enjoyed yourself.

  6. I can see them now. My dad made me a loom like this once. Fun!

  7. Phew, thank goodness for that. I've been having a few Blogger problems lately!

  8. The loom is cool! What a Guy!
    I love your weaving.

  9. having no pix to go with the words was such a tease or perhaps a mystery? lovely loom. wonderful weave.

  10. somebody new is weaving!!!


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