Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Smugglers Cove

Do you see the mouth of the cave?
The lines streaking across the bay....I'm wondering how I would stitch them.

The rum runners in days of yore found it very handy.
I often wonder if that house perched on top has a secret passage into the cave.

Rocks draw me in.
They are stability....
a firm foundation...
The backbone of Mother Earth.


  1. Smugglers cove - i've heard of it, but maybe we have one also. your's there is very beautiful and i love caves, love to explore them.

    stitching them - hmmm - easier to expore them on foot than in hand i fear.

  2. Oh my, you MUST go for it!!! I can see this in stitchery and if anyone can do it you can. I too have a love affair with rocks, one reason why I loved the Sedona area so much (only there the rocks are rusty red).

  3. Great pictures for both a realistic and a more abstract art quilt. I would love to see what you do with it.

  4. I love history from that Era. I've always loved it when you tell a little about your area. I am sure that you could create a piece based on these rocks easily. I don't know anyone that could do it better.
    xx, Carol

  5. That house has to have a secret tunnel....unless it was built after the days of yore, then it's probably sitting on the tunnel unknowingly. Sad thought, that.

    Don't see any reason NOT to be able to create the wave pattern...maybe in silk, for the sheen, and hand rumple the folds/waves?

  6. I love how the windblown triangular trees echo the rough, triangular stone... beautiful!


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