Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hairy Woodpecker Takes over the Bird Feeder

When Harry the hairy woodpecker
fancies a change in diet
he comes and gorges at the bird feeder
until he is replete.

He even scares the blue jays away
by spreading his wings and
pointing his long beak at them.
Every now and then he tries to stare us down
as if daring us to shoo him away.

Cheeky devil should get back to doing this in my woods!


  1. Harry looks at tho someone threw blobs of white paint on him. He's a right cheeky fellow that one, daring to point his beak at you too.

  2. How amazing that we are both being entertained by woodpeckers.
    Very nice photo's.

  3. You get great shots of your birds.
    I have Hairy, Downey and Red Heads but they never get seed. I have a special suet feeder to keep the squirrels out and I have never seen a woodpecker in my seed, but who knows what they do when I gone!

  4. Nice black-and-white fella!
    Looked a bit back and loved your star tiptoeing through the surf ;-)
    And that dyeing : love those colours, Penny

  5. The Hairy, Downy, and Flickers all come to the bird feeder I have up at work on a regular basis. They do scare the little birds off. Lately I've had a few crows come too. Fun to watch, but expensive to feed!

  6. i see the all and love that the pileated has made a healthy comeback here. i like the passing of the trees into food.

  7. no wonder owls can burrow in woodpecker holes! i wonder if you could grow strawberries in a stump-of-many-holes? we have a pileated woodpecker that we hear laughing at us now and them...ha ha ha HA ha, just like woody woodpecker.

  8. Lions and Tigers and Woodpeckers OH MY . . .
    This one has quite a "look"!
    Great photos.

  9. We have Pilleated woodpeckers (the Woody Woodpecker)kind. They are lovely with their red, white and black feathers. Very noisy these woodpeckers - they are either trying to scare us away or letting us know they are there.

  10. K - He is covered in blobs isn't he!
    F - Oh, yes I noticed that red head in your lovely photo collage.
    C - Harry must be really hungry!
    V - and becoming homes for other critters.
    V - Well there's a novel idea..strawberries!
    C - Quite a stare!
    P - with all this rain, I haven't heard much hammering of the trees around here. Perhaps tomorrow.


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