Wednesday 19 May 2021


The woods are breathing in the warmth.
I'm breathing in the Joy that sunshine brings.

Up at the pond my beautiful magnolia
is bursting into bloom.

And Rusty Pups can now lick morning dew
from fresh young grasses growing along the pond's edge.

I'm stitching fresh air into my blue background.
Some paler blues....

....and some darker blues.

There is a lot of untamed texture on this piece.

This piece started as a challenge to use blue.... least favourite colour.
The more I stitch the more I like it!
I thought to call it
"Holding Deep Memory"
referring way, way back to my schooldays
where my dislike of blue started
but it also refers to rocky inlets on Georgian Bay
a place oh, so close to my heart.

I hope you have a place that fills your heart with memory.


  1. The absolute beauty you live in...sigh.
    Blue is probably my most favorite color. Ha. I can feel the air currents in this one :)

  2. love how my eye travels across your quilt, the rusty colour catches my attention and it looks like you have caught a reflection of the moon in the water of the rocky inlets. Blue is not my favourite colour either, but you have whole-heartily created a beauty, using your least favourite colour.

  3. It just goes to show that we can still create wonderful things with colours or materials that are not quite our favourites!

  4. Blue is my favorite color - all shades of blue. This piece takes my breath away. I love all your work but this one I can get lost in. Blue is a magical color - the first one to appear and the last one to be named. It wards off the Evil Eye and is the color of Peace!

  5. I so love your blue piece, but then it has always been my favourite colour. Those touches of rust highlight the blue, hinting at pebbles breaking through seafoam on the shore, though that may not be your intention.
    Warmth has not quite made it's way to the UK yet, spring has been struggling just a little to show her vibrancy

  6. I love that you are stitching fresh air into your blue piece. what wonderful symbolism given the emotion you have had towards the colour. Wonderful challenge Penny. I'm thinking about what colour I dislike how I might wrestle with that ! A challenge indeed. :-)

  7. The magestry and detail that go into each of your artwork piecs Penny are just so much more than amazing. I honor every stitch and the magic of the flow and circular stopping places that tell the story...MAGNIFICENT! And built with love of what is all around you!

  8. Wish I could touch/feel that wonderful piece of blue (clean hands of course!). The texture must be amazing. Enjoying some sunshine and warmth here finally - and a rain shower just passed through.

  9. OMG ... your 'Blue' is gorgeous !!!!

  10. OMG ... your 'Blue' is gorgeous !!!!

  11. OMG ... your 'Blue' is gorgeous !!!!

  12. OMG ... your 'Blue' is gorgeous !!!!


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