Sunday, 17 May 2020

Yesterday was a Good Day

Walking this land every morning
clears the mind
opens up the heart
and influences everything
especially my work
Right now it is sticks
I see them everywhere

Where there are Beavers there will always be sticks

Some sticks pile up in log jammed streams

Some sticks end up on my design wall

Slowly bringing stitch covered sticks to life I hope

 Some know that I am trying to bring more blue into my life
but I have to say it girls
that blue might have to go!

The Rusty Pups and I walk on sticks
cleverly placed in mud 
down in the Soggy Bottom woods.
The work of our brilliant neighbour Steve!

In this strange time
it takes work to keep our days as normal as possible
I wish for you a normal day


  1. A beautiful peek into your world today Penny, and the walkway created by Steve and a surprise and fun for the Pups to explore.I am in agreement about the blue - but it could be more subtle if painted lightly onto the surface of the cloth - I LOVE the background. I know you will have the right plan come along...xxo

  2. Beautiful stitching and walk photos!
    Natural inspiration is always new, always changing.

  3. I love the sticks on your design wall!

  4. You're so good in translating nature into cloth, Penny !

  5. Hello Penny, I have followed your blog for several years now. I have found your thoughts and photographs insightful and beautiful. I find it very interesting to see how your stitched work draws on your natural surroundings. The calm and depth of your hand stitching is lovely. I wish I could experience your work in the ‘cloth’! Your warm, creative personality shines through. I’ve just begun a blog of my current work, Any comment would be valued. Jean

  6. thank you for your walks, i feel i am walking with you, and for your work, its lovely!

  7. I rather like the blue, but I know how it is to "know" something isn't working, no matter what anyone else says

    that stick walk is inspired ...

  8. I love the stick walk Penny. Always lovely to see your interpretation of something the rest of us would ignore! xx

  9. Beautiful photos on a beautiful day !
    Love, love, love your sticks ... and I know how hard it is to incorporate a colour that you're not used to using, but I kind of like your blue ... it can always be blended to fit perfectly.


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