Monday 4 March 2019


I filled the background with crosses
I do not know
It felt right

Perhaps it was that magnificent Snow Moon
on a cloudless night that led me to thoughts of stars.
Perhaps it was the piece itself
talking to me of generations whose voices have travelled through the ages
to tell us they too were here.

Of course, as usual, before trusting my thoughts
I did try out other background stitches.
It seems I often do that before settling!

Love the ruching too
Will have to explore that more often.

Whispering Cairn is finished
It's story complete
I am sad
but happy to have it close for a while.

Today I love how the sun is really shining
on that snow covered rock.
Looks like a Polar Bear wandering through the stream beyond!

March came in quite gently with a layer of snow
but today the skies are clear
I suppose that means it will go out like a lion

Hope not because
this week we will run out of wood!


  1. The close-up in the first image is a work unto itself ... but even more do I appreciate the idea of cairn, of rock hardness, worked in soft cloth.

  2. This is a magnificent piece, Penny, I just love everything about it!

  3. Yikes! I hope March goes out like a tame lion...

  4. Like this stitched piece. We had a heatwave for the start of March, but it is a bit cooler now. We desperately need rain.

  5. Like this stitched piece. We had a heatwave for the start of March, but it is a bit cooler now. We desperately need rain.

  6. My neighbour opined that sunshine be-darned -- our Extreme Cold Warning meant that there was a March Lion in the house! It is mellowing now -- but only just! As for the tiny crosses...I do think they are fitting with a cairn. Thank you!

  7. Penny, this is such a beautiful piece ~ love the organic lines, colour & stitches.

  8. The thought of cairns and their significance to the human spirit I think leads naturally to the cross image you used in the background. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it feels right, at least from the standpoint of the viewer.

  9. Penny, March brings so many memories of the ends of wars and the calm of a wisper of perhaps a move into spring, Conflicting ideasm but I see both in your beautiful work... soon the stones you love so much will be revealed on the dikes and trails. I welcomed the bright, pure sunshine today on a 6 mi. walk - so beautiful this land we live! And now comes the snow - again...

  10. A beautiful piece Penny. Stay warm! xx

  11. Lovely work and thoughtful blog. Come for a visit, Penny!


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