Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Resting at Low Tide

Last week I also finished another mighty rock piece
Resting at Low Tide.
It has been waiting for the final finishing touches for ages.
Sometimes that is how the process goes.
But, you know, these works often carry on telling me their story
after completion
and it could potentially want to add to the story!

It is a piece about the rocks resting on the mudflats in these parts
only revealed at low tide.

It is a companion piece to....

....Resting Between Night and Day
so named for my early morning walks with the Rusty Pups.
Sometimes we would walk the dyke
with the sun rising in the East
the moon still hanging around the Western horizon.

It seems my work is really journalling!

May your day in the studio be memory filled.


  1. such beautiful meditations on the nature of rock

  2. I have been a gatherer of cobbled rock on the shores of Shelter Island, where the glaciers that scraped through New England deposited their polished freight at the end of an epic journey.

    Your cloth transported me back to gentle beachcombing days ... when an unassuming rock bleached by the sun could be concealing magic in the wet sand below. Your stitches recall banded rock and flecks of mica glinting in a long-ago sun.

    Your pieces may be journaling, but at the same time, they evoke my own story-lines ... such a gift.

  3. I love your rock pieces, they are calm but weighty too. Very inspiring.

  4. I rather like this, and the two pieces look as though they will talk to each other in a very friendly fashion!

  5. such gorgeous stitching !!!!!

  6. Wow. I really like the way the stitching evolves as you get closer to the piece. In the first pic, it's not easy to tell it's marked at all. Like it's a painting.

  7. I often think our work is a form of journaling, even though we might not always be sure what it's trying to say!


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