Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How Things Change or Evolve

Back in the Fall a new beginning was pinned to the wall
Lines of a container to be filled with stones
was drawn with paper.

Paper was changed to fabric
and I was thinking it might be called 'Stone Ground'.

I fell in love with this piece as I sat in the evening light 
couching stone upon stone within the shape of my container.

One evening I threw it on the floor beside my favourite stitching chair
just to check on how the stones were looking
And low and behold
I realized it was no container at all but an ancient cairn.

Blanket stitch was added to the base of the cairn
and then I took it to the design wall.

Loved it so much more as an ancient pile of stones
rather than a bowl full of them!
As I searched for the placement of the final rock shapes
I noticed a layer of smaller stones working it's way through the cairn.
Loved the thought that perhaps this layer represented
a different era or generation adding stones through the centuries.

So.... went back to the design wall
Added more to my imagined layer
Removed smaller stones inserted between the top layer of larger ones.
I love it even more!
Makes things more interesting.
Adds to the story.
And I am happy to allow the piece to create it's own story.

The conversation between our work and us is indeed a dance.


  1. A dance, a conversation, a collaboration. How wonderful for you you!

  2. Oh, Penny, I have just now read your thoughts on your progress of this piece ~ I saw on IG early this morning your photo of this piece and I left a comment of how this piece is Timeless & called to our DNA ~ now that I have read that you see this piece as an Ancient Cairn, I now understand my strong pull to your amazing creation. Love It!

  3. I just today read a blurb somewhere (of course can't remember where it was) that said that, as artists, we need to get out of our own way and allow our work to guide the way. Then I come here and see that's precisely what you're doing. A confirmation!

  4. The mythical magic and the strength that speaks your voice is clear, and the execution as vision evolves and guides the design clearly demonstrate the innate matuurity of your preactice, Penny. Wise and willing to let the piece speak to you... so beautifully YOUR work. bethany

  5. perhaps the small stones in the lower areas are broken from their bigger selves? dan brought in a stone that he 'broke', and in the center were other 'ages'? like rings of a tree. I imagined the very center dark spot was a dinosaur dropping....

  6. your Ancient Cairn reminds me of a magical journey rock outside the Ottawa National Gallery that I met in 2005


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