Wednesday 1 August 2018

Family Summertime at the Lake

Fishing from Kayaks and paddle boards

Relaxation on an air-filled yellow ducky

Three girls cooking in the kitchen
with Owen the puppy keeping an eye on all.

Grand baby Ashley couldn't wait to use her
new fishing rod
and paddle off with her dad in the canoe.

And so they disappeared down the lake
hoping to contribute to supper.

 Fishing off the dock turned out to be more successful!

Mommy and Stevie Ray relaxed in the shade.

Mommy and Ashley floated with noodles galore.

The youngsters.....even baby Stevie...scampered
up and down the stairs.
Gramps and I tried to keep going up to a minimum!

Ashley learnt all about paddle boarding.

A joy filled time.
Thank you my loves.
(Not a speck of stitching got done!)


  1. Maybe no stitching, but plenty of wonderful memories. Time enough for stitching when the weather closes in!

  2. Ahhhhhh Penny, looks like QUALITY TIME !!!!!

  3. This looks like SUCH fun Penny!!! We have just had our two little boys for most of a week and DD and our SIL too, of course. It IS wonderful to have Grandbabes, isn’t it!! I would wish for BOTH of us that our beautiful babes were lots closer!!!

  4. What a beautiful location to enjoy family time!

  5. Stitching definitely comes in second to spending time with grandies and the water.


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