Sunday 16 July 2017

Stones in Absentia

Every morning as the rest of the family began to stir
Ashley and I would examine her Mommy's
rock collection.
Precious moments to start the day.

Sometimes we would just examine them.

Sometimes we would trace around them.

When Ashley discovered my eraser
she took great delight in returning
all our hard work to white pages again.

By the way, Vicky....
do you recognize the background stitches!

It was so wonderful being a grandma
to our nearly three year old....

....and our new 2 month old.

Two weeks of precious moments.

I hope your day is filled with memorable moments.


  1. It sounds wonderful indeed. It was my grandmama who introduced me to embroidery - you are doing the same for Ashley!

  2. Precious indeed. Lovely. xx

  3. yes I see. now. I was too busy looking at the stones, but now I see you have matched the stones to the stitches...I am touched, Penny, thank you.

  4. Definitely a huge amount of jealousy here over your precious grandbaby time. Our littlest one is trying to master climbing stairs at the moment. The best part has to be instilling an interest in embroidery (and stones!) to your wee one.

  5. Precious moments with loved ones, how special. I have just had a lovely few minutes talking to our Aussie daughter, as the 16th is her birthday, she is now living on Vancouver Island - she has an Canadian 2 year work visa. She has 3 days off work and is going to visit Salt Spring Island. Thank goodness for modern technology, to Facetime, send texts & photos by mobile phone is so good.


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