Monday 17 July 2017

All Caught Up

Found on the shores of Georgian Bay.
It is kind of funky isn't it.

Lots of white stones scattered about Ontario.

Simple beauty

 Pitted white. Must be chalk surely.

Love this one.

More funkiness from Ontario!

Love this one too.
It is the simplicity of running stitch appliqué.

I'm relieved to be caught up.
Moving on to next week's stones
and a Summer of stitching.


  1. love them, I cannot remember what you are planning to do with them, I mean present them?

  2. these are stunning! there's so much beauty at our feet.

  3. Well done for getting All Caught Up. Yes, those are fine and funky pebbles!

  4. Your trip went by so fast!! Glad to see you found some pebbles while you were away - and such interesting ones too.

  5. that first one....what the heck is that red? and how did that funky one get so ...funky?? i think i will imagine a dinosaur kicking that around.

  6. That stone with the bit of red band, is so interesting! How is it that society finds objects that are 'one off' or original to be so interesting or valuable, but if someone is a little different, a lot of society shuns them?
    Sorry, that thought just popped into my head...hope you don't mind.

  7. these are stunning! there's so much beauty at our feet.



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