Tuesday 24 February 2015

Stitching Winter

Finally painted the stitched canvases...

Sticking to soft gentle colours of winter.

I've been couching every day.
Well actually one day I unpicked most of it....
....It had started bulging outwards.
Going round and round in circles can have that effect on cloth!
I nearly gave up.
But spiralling round and round in greys and soft blues
is speaking volumes to me at the moment.
So I persevered and am now more able to control any bulging.

In the beginning the cotton strips
rolled themselves into tubes.

Then in my mind I thought pebbles on the Fundy shore....

....and I started creating lumpy bumpy couching....

....then I decided to make the strips lay flat and wider.
Working in cloth takes time
time which allows the mind to relax and wander.
In it's wanderings thoughts turn to 'what ifs'
and your hands simply follow.
This is why I choose cloth to work with.
I need time and reflection.
Oh, and this is going to be a large piece
so I will have a lot of time with it.
Now I need to go back to the dye pots
and create more greys.


  1. my socks are knocked off again!

    These are great Penny.

  2. Oh, these are really wonderful. The concentric circles are soothing and mesmerizing. love it.

  3. You're making a wonderful use of Winter's time. These are all lovely.

  4. You're making a wonderful use of Winter's time. These are all lovely.

  5. These are beautiful such subtle colours

  6. Fantastic colours and a stunning project :-) xxx

  7. It's lovely, and as you say, working with cloth offers time for reflection, which is always valuable.

  8. What a GREAT winter Penny !!!!
    Love that stitched (couched) circle ! Would love to see the back
    of that piece ;-)

  9. That swirly circle is amazing! I love how you have some turns that are sort of wrinkly (there's probably a technical term for that) then you go to flat. It'll be gorgeous. How big do you plan to go?

    (Just dropped by here from Artystuff.)

  10. Winter expressed so perfectly...both pieces are beautiful...I'm awestruck!


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