Monday 9 February 2015

Scratching White

We are wallowing in snow.
And still more is coming.

Even the Rusty Pups can't manage
the depth of snow in the garden.
They stick to the cleared driveway.

The local wildlife must be finding it hard to find food.
A bobcat walked right across the garden
then over the frozen pond
heading into the woods
and the mountain behind us.


  1. A bobcat in the garden - quite a sight!

  2. Penny - no matter what you 'scratch' it is so very inspiring.. The beauty of your manipulation of today's cloth and the lovely soft variegated snow rings are wonderful... thank you for sharing with us all of your thoughts in stitch!

  3. Hope the rusty pups were inside when the bobcat went past!! Stay warm.

  4. You are definitely the 'texture' QUEEN!! These are lovely -- makes me want to reach out and touch them.

  5. Perfect textures, Penny! I love seeing what you have stitched and your interpretation of your life and environment.

  6. so close to the bone, dear friend. I feel it.


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