Monday, 22 December 2014

Stitching Paths on Scraps Full of Memories

Is it not amazing
how a tiny scrap of forgotten cloth 
can evoke memories of times gone by.

So this week the scraps from the studio floor
had me thinking of times gone by

of stitches as footprints

of paths
sometimes running parallel
and sometimes crossing.


  1. Ahhhhh, how I would love to feel that stitched cloth ... ;-)

  2. This is an especially lovely scratching, the texture and colours are beautiful. So true about about how even a tiny square of cloth can provoke a memory or emotional response! I think that's a big part of the reason I love textiles - they carry emotions as well as beauty and warmth.

  3. Oh, I remember those stitches...and lovely learning/sharing times in the past. I was at Gordana's house on the weekend. It was mentioned, that I met her at your class, and then we went on to discuss how many workshops we had taken. Those were the good times!! I saw your lovely quilt, sitting quietly in her living room. She's a lucky girl!

  4. Lovely stitches, lovely memories. Who could want for anything more.

  5. Yes indeed. We have a patchwork quilt made by my grandmother which brings back also sorts of memories of summer dresses. Fabric is nearly as good as scent at bringing memories to mind!

  6. I have so enjoyed walking your scratched paths this year...

    ...and look forward to the onward journey in 2015

    x C

  7. Stunning workmanship and magical cloth ... wonderful way to wrap up 2014!


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