Monday 8 December 2014

December Scratchings

Another year is coming to an end soon
Oh my goodness me

The rusty pups and I were treated to a
a dancing cloud of birds swirling around us
on our Monday morning walk.
To our surprise
on Tuesday we disturbed a heron
what is he doing still here in the wintry north?
Later that morning I went off to
Tai Chi.

This week I am preparing the studio for a new year.
Every scrap and every thread
is being checked.
If it doesn't fit into my plans for a new series in 2015
it is being packed up and stored.
I want to focus and reduce my chances of distractions.
Even as I handle each piece of cloth
I am sorely tempted to stop sorting and start working.
For us tactile people
it should be no surprise that a simple scrap of cotton or silk or wool
can get our creative juices flowing.
As I pick up bits and piece of cloth I remember how certain pieces
have actually influenced my development as an artist.
It is not easy to pack those away.

Still sorting out the studio
but wrapping Christmas parcels took precedence on Saturday.

Still sorting
but after the RP's and I walked the slushy, icy mountain.

The textures in this week's scratchings are wonderful.
Three layers of heavily stitched scraps from the studio cleanup
are a pleasure to touch.

I am excited at the clearing of the studio.
Just holding onto what I plan to work with next year.
As I clean
ideas and plans for new work
are becoming clearer.


  1. My goodness, how organised of you. I wish I could be so!

  2. I like your idea of packing things away for focus, I get so distracted in my studio

  3. Nothing like a good clear out to get the creative brain juices going! :-)

    x C

  4. an excellent idea...not sure i could do this, but i will be thinking about it, thanks.


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