Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Colours Before a Winter Storm

Driving up the valley

past clusters of homesteads
protected from the Bay of Fundy
by the North Mountain

The highway takes a sweeping bend
where we pass my favourite sight
of trees leaning in towards the road.

I always look forward to seeing them no matter what the season.

Then there are beautiful copses of trees....

and row upon row of neat little apple trees.

Another thing I love is the sight of stubble breaking through white snow.

The colours are so gentle at this time of year
yet the weather can be so harsh.

Pale blues. soft greys, beige and white and
perhaps an occasional bright red front door to catch the eye.


  1. as you might imagine, your photos are cousins to what i see here. minus bay of fundy, of course. instead, adirondacks. but so evocative of north country living.

  2. It all looks so exotic from hot and dry southern Australia.


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