Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fourteen Days of Christmas

It's been a quiet Christmas
Just the two of us

Brett couldn't get time off work
all the kids decided to come in January
and have a family Christmas then

Good thing
the ice storm and snow 
have wrecked lots of travel plans

A star for Christmas Day

For the last few days of the year
I think I will finish up thready odds and ends.
I do like that higgledy-piggledy darning in the middle.
I should explore that further.


  1. I thought of you as I heard about the terrible ice and snow that has made Christmas quite a challenge. Hope you've been warm and that your electricity has stayed on during it all. Lovely stitchings and here's to a New Year filled with many, many more.

  2. Well, it seems as though you've had a pleasantly busy tine of stitching!

  3. The colours in this Christmas section of your journal are really beautiful Penny. I think that you are enjoying this stitching far too much to stop - and remember, Go Big or Go Home!
    Best for 2014!!!

  4. Ahhh Penny, it's so good to see these colourful "last" days of your year of scratchings !!!!!

    All the best for another creative year Penny !

  5. Fourteen days of beautiful scratchings. I can only imagine the joy of seeing, in person, your fabulous work for the entire year. Happy Scratchings in 2014.

  6. Such a lovely collection of colours and stitches. You really inspire me to do better.

  7. So intrigued as each new page is revealed, wow!


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