Monday, 7 October 2013

Two Weeks Scratched - All Caught Up

Scratched my way to the end of September.

A visit to the Doctor and a day of French Knots.

Four hours drive to Pictou Lodge
where seagulls and cormorants covered sandy beaches and shoreline rocks
despite the rain and wind.

The wind and the rain grew in strength
sending all birds inland.
Finally the sun came out as we played with needle weaving
and stitched marks.

I drove home to my little house in the trees.
Monday we drove up the valley for an eye check-up
and a field of vision test.

October arrived
the leafy month.

Beneath a cool October sun
we dug and weeded the vegetable patch
and finally got out garlic planted and bedded down with straw.

Actually the oak trees haven`t started turning yet.
For Sunday I started off with black thread
because of drawing class
and ended up with a bit of a mess!


  1. Not a mess an inspiration, still trying but not as good as yours, love it.

  2. A busy week you and your scratchings had!

  3. If you were digging up the vegetable patch, it's just as well it was cool!

  4. I am always left in awe of how you can re-create your days in stitch...pretty amazing and always inspiring to see.


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