Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tangerine Morning

The clouds have moved on
So nice to see the sun again

She's here to warm a cool rain drenched land.

Then RP Kayla and I spied beavers swimming towards us.
One after another a new head appeared from around the corner.
Six in all.

They explored the banks

and created watery ripples.

Then, looking up, I noticed the sun had reached the fields beside us
though we were still in the shadow of the dike.

Turning towards the basin I spied a familiar shape 
walking the shallows of low tide.


  1. What perfect 'beginning of fall' pictures. I especially loved the field with its autumn colors.

  2. picture me next to rp and you...looking

  3. So beautiful and golden. Love the pic of Kayla watching the beavers.

  4. Lovely pictures, I can breathe the peace of the morning.

  5. An RP makes a great "punctuation point" in a picture full of greys and greens!

  6. How very idyllic, Penny! Really lovely.

  7. All those beavers....wow! Must be from one family. Don't you wonder what they are thinking when they see you and RP watching from the bank? Wonder if they have the same fascination with us.


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