Monday 16 September 2013

Scratching Flow

Decided the new strip of cotton would be one of my mop up cloths
from dyeing.
This means having to navigate my way around many blotches
and puddles.
Seems appropriate since puddles spread in the garden again this week.

Monday seemed to ask for an edging stitch in a Kantha fashion.
Creating a regular pattern by changing the length of running stitches
takes way more discipline than I seem to have.

Monday works it's way around a lovely mauve puddle.

Tuesday and Wednesday kind of flow into one another.
But on Wednesday Diane and I made more nature marks
by wrapping rust and rocks and logs from the wood pile
and dropping them in the stream
where they will remain for about a month.

It poured beneath what looks like a flying carpet of clouds.

Of course an eagle for Saturday.

Started drawing classes with Louise.
She will make us draw all manner of things
and try to instil in us the discipline of drawing every day.


  1. Since you already have the discipline of your Scratchings I'm not sure you need another, but I'm sure you will find your stitching and drawing will help each ofhter!

  2. The blotches and puddles have been incorporated into your Scratchings beautifully. And of course a magnificent soaring eagle!

    1. It's surprising how often those mop up cloths from dyeing sessions often seem to be just the right fabric for one project or another.

  3. Lovely stitchery. You've captured the week in a beautifully creative way.

  4. Such lovely organic looking stitching

    1. Thanks, Penny. Organic surrounds me...not a straight line in sight.

  5. These scratchings are particularly beautiful. I love the way the work into each other. I am always so happy on Mondays to drop by and see what you are up to. Very treat-ful.

    1. Hi Laureen.... So happy you drop by....So predictable am I!

  6. beautiful as always. love that chair.

  7. Oh where would a flying carpet of clouds take me?
    Over the sand, over the sea?
    Perhaps close to the mountain's top
    Swooping down to the Valley, in a sudden drop

    Oh where would a flying carpet of clouds take me?
    Someplace I'd otherwise never see
    But, for now it seems
    It would deliver me into your dreams!

    And I too love the chair :)

    1. Oh, Nancy, thank you for the it! I keep a book of poems and quotes where it will be kept.


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